Blue Flower

Hello everyone my name is Bfcom I got this name because of my fame in battle field shooting game. I was one of the top players in that world and every time I played I dominated. Now I went to few tournaments this past month and I want to tell you about a story of a tournament that was held in Lansing,MI.

It was really cold during my time there and I had my boys with me. It was Friday night and the initial stage of the tournament was over with our team easily dominating the qualifying rounds no problems. One of my friend Reckful wanted to drink to celebrate so he invited all of us back to his hotel room where he had 2 bottles of champagne. Now we started off on one bottle and within 1 hour the second bottle was already finished. This wasn't good for my friend Reckful because once he begins its hard to put a stop to his love for alcohol and partying. So we began discussing about going to some bars and clubs downtown for some night fun.

One problem we had was the tournament next morning at 10 am, but in all fairness we didn't play till 1 pm so we weren't that worried about being hung over for the game. And one of my teammates Blindness decided it was a great idea to get a limo service in Lansing to take us out to few clubs in East Lansing and else where.We searched on Google and found this site

We honestly didn't care but for good rates called and needed the ride quick so just hoping that they picked us up quick. They were friendly on the other line and we managed to get a limo to our hotel very quickly.

Originally our intention was to go nearby to East Lansing, but we decided to change our minds once the limo came and decided to go down to Detroit for a night club.

It was few hours drive but we brought some drinks with us and time just flew. We were celebrating hard our hard fought victories and were on next level excitement when we arrived at the club. Now it was time to get turned up and this club had a line so we were excited and eager to check it out.

Let me cut out the details and say after a whole day of gaming it up and all night of dancing to EDM we got really hungry and left to get some McDonalds next door but the club was no re-entry. It was big lol moment but we did not feel like going back in to pay cover again so we ditched the venue and went to some other bars nearby. Eventually it was getting really late and place were closing down. We rushed in the limo and driver took us home safely. Now it was pretty fun night more on this soon.