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Like I talked about in last article I am setting new goals and working hard to accomplish them whatever it takes. One of the first thing I started telling myself is that I will read more books on self development and actually begin working hard to accomplish my dreams this year, one of my goal is to kill my job and begin working for myself. I know this is possible the more I put out content out the more I can reach people.

Anyway when I began setting this goal something happened as if the universe was responding back to me because suddenly I got an offer for website building for a local limo company. I know I talked about using lansing limo services in this post. but I'm just not sure if this is coicidence or stroke of weird luck, I'm going to begin working with another limo company. Isn't that something.

Given my technological background he wants me to start making some websites for him and start getting his site more attractive which I am totally qualified to do. So now begin my working of researching everything there is to know about limousine business in Michigan and start doing the work. It will be spring before we know it and I want to get a head start on my competition, the more results I produce the better I am going to be in the long run. I really do need to get some solid research done so I can provide quality websites that look amazing.

I believe in order to make a website really stand out is to write something that's a bit off the wall, something edgy, something miraculous and awes inspiring. And what I mean by that is something that shocks the audience both young and wild. It will be some extra-ordinary content like a purple cow you stop and watch it. That is what I will be going for and my aim is to capture the attention of the audience this way. I will continue to report what I find out. But honestly I am up to my neck right now with commitments and and so I can only do the best I can do my reaching out and helping more people.

THis video has been helping me.

oh and I guess I should introduce my very first project

This is only in the beginning stages so not even close to being finished but I will share with you most recent development, and it should blow the socks off the competition. I just gotta say I love my limo company owner he is very good at answering calls and following up on the missed calls, so I really appreciate that. Anyway here is the site:

Talk to you soon

The best day of the year has passed and gone, now I am wondering what to do for the next 12 months lol.

I need to now set new goals for 2015 because it will take new ideas and energy to overcome what happened in the past 2 months of my life.

Granted I did get a raise, and my boss is agreeing to pay for the situation I feel that apology is not enough.

What am I talking about here?

For that we have to unwind 2-3 months ago when I got involved in a car accident because my boss had told me to go get office supplies without a car license and I was arrested for not driving without a license.

It was a heavy fine and I regret that decision ever since. The boss agreed to pay for the fine as it was his call to take the risk but I was not satisfied because now my insurance rates will be going up.

Such is the way of life, he did give me a raise this year which is interesting because I am working with a limo owner to help me kill my current job. I will do great things for a local company because of my skills and sleeping is not one of them. one day I will look back on all the accomplishments and see that I did go out there and get it and I was a massive action taker. This is without a doubt the single biggest reason that has pushed me thus far.

I want to really just go out on the beach and take a vacation from all of this mess because it is just getting plain tiring. Everyday grind of it all. That and this stressful event is seriously taking a toll on my health and well being.

But I have to keep trucking a long because I see the light at the end of the tunnel.

There has been some ground breaking things happening though the limousine guy I started working with is beginning to trust my skills and I am not at the liberity to divulge on the details just quite yet.

I will continue to work on it and new strategies to move things forward one thing I learned about local business is to continue pushing and keep it moving. One of the thing I learned is that I must scale early and scale fast. I need more hours of the day lol.

There is opportunities out there and I can't let the boss and what he did bog me down. I need to push forward and put my best step forward because that's how I will get to the next level.

This is a leverage, what other leverage can I take advantage of right now to increase my power of influence and success rates?

If you want to talk about local business contact me

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

I'm down to talk about whatever.

Hello everyone my name is Bfcom I got this name because of my fame in battle field shooting game. I was one of the top players in that world and every time I played I dominated. Now I went to few tournaments this past month and I want to tell you about a story of a tournament that was held in Lansing,MI.

It was really cold during my time there and I had my boys with me. It was Friday night and the initial stage of the tournament was over with our team easily dominating the qualifying rounds no problems. One of my friend Reckful wanted to drink to celebrate so he invited all of us back to his hotel room where he had 2 bottles of champagne. Now we started off on one bottle and within 1 hour the second bottle was already finished. This wasn't good for my friend Reckful because once he begins its hard to put a stop to his love for alcohol and partying. So we began discussing about going to some bars and clubs downtown for some night fun.

One problem we had was the tournament next morning at 10 am, but in all fairness we didn't play till 1 pm so we weren't that worried about being hung over for the game. And one of my teammates Blindness decided it was a great idea to get a limo service in Lansing to take us out to few clubs in East Lansing and else where.We searched on Google and found this site

We honestly didn't care but for good rates called and needed the ride quick so just hoping that they picked us up quick. They were friendly on the other line and we managed to get a limo to our hotel very quickly.

Originally our intention was to go nearby to East Lansing, but we decided to change our minds once the limo came and decided to go down to Detroit for a night club.

It was few hours drive but we brought some drinks with us and time just flew. We were celebrating hard our hard fought victories and were on next level excitement when we arrived at the club. Now it was time to get turned up and this club had a line so we were excited and eager to check it out.

Let me cut out the details and say after a whole day of gaming it up and all night of dancing to EDM we got really hungry and left to get some McDonalds next door but the club was no re-entry. It was big lol moment but we did not feel like going back in to pay cover again so we ditched the venue and went to some other bars nearby. Eventually it was getting really late and place were closing down. We rushed in the limo and driver took us home safely. Now it was pretty fun night more on this soon.


As many of you know from my previous article, there is nothing more I love than having  a few drinks with my fellow gamers. Which brings me to my next article...

How to throw the raddest and baddest Christmas Lan Party of the YEAR!!

There are few things you need to prep for it.

  1. Ultra High Speed Internet Connection (100 megs per sec at minimum)
  2. Make nice spacious room, you may need to move some couches. Have Air condition
  3. Stock full of Gatorade and Energy Drinks
  4. Two TV's and console for variety of console to play on break, I recommend some classics like Super Smash Bros
  5. Have your friends bring computers, but you will need a large table ready to set them up and chairs
  6. another fridge with beers and liquor, more the merrier
  7. trash cans at various locations so people don't leave litter
  8. good lighting, bright lights suck, I great way to have some quality ambient lighting for cheap is Christmas lighting, and it goes perfectly with the theme and season

Look we can only take so much family time during the Holidays. Us gamers will get the gaming itch within 24-48 hours after Christmas morning, it is important to meet those needs and if you want to be the leader of your clan why not act like one in real life by throwing a bad ass Christmas Lan party. Your teammates will appreciate and its another great way to build team synergy!

Take one thing into consideration however, I recommend getting professional carpet cleaning right after the party as I have found that no matter how much you warn people they are bound to spill some drinks or whatever and get the carpet a bit dirty. I have found great carpet cleaning in my hometown of Sterling Heights and use them every time.

Let me tell you a quick story about last year's Lan party to give you some exciting ideas.

We were heavy into call of duty and wanted to get some serious Lan action during Christmas break, let's face it Michigan there is not that much stuff to do especially in the winter time. Instead of going out to the bars and blowing bunch of money we decided to get all our friends together for an epic night of Lanning!

I have a decent sized living room in my apartment with pretty good internet connection so we decided to do it at my place. Sadly my other friend has awesome pad but its his parents and they had bunch of family over for Christmas stuff.

We gathered at my house: me and 5 other team members. The set up took us a decent bit of time but having some helping hands def made the process fairly easy and painless. It was just a matter of moving a few couches, setting up Ethernet splits, setting up two large flat screen TV's both of which were brought over by my team members because I do not own a TV lol, and buying bunch of booze, the last team member brought Super Smash Bro melee and we believe that was the game changer. 

Playing COD for 5 hours straight I don't care if you are elite player like us you will get burned out. Having super smash there for break and stress relief made the Lanning so much more fun. We played this special drinking game as well where you take shots when you lose life below 30% life. Which meant that you had to do a finisher and our friend Ron was like a pro and punished us good.

All in all it was a blast, and the clean up was relatively painless just don't let your friends leave until they all put a hand in cleaning! getting pro carpet cleaning service was a big winner because after that my apartment looked cleaner than before.

So this is my idea for awesome Christmas Lan Party I might do this again this year or I may just wait for New Years and throw something rad then.

till next time.